Deal of the Year Bundle

Deal of the Year Bundle

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It's time to make room for the recently harvested beef so we have taken the remaining cuts and put together the

DEAL of the YEAR bundle 

You will save over $50 and it will be shipped FREE to your doorstep.  To top it off we will throw in (2) packages of liver (the most nutrient dense cut of the whole animal) for FREE!

What's Included?
- 5 lbs ground beef
- 1 lb KC Strip Steaks
- 3/4 lb Filet Steaks
- (3) 3-4 lb  Roasts
- 5 lbs of Fajita Meat
- 5 lbs of Stew Meat
- 6 lbs of Soup Bones (like mini-roasts)

- FREE Liver (2 pkgs)